Women pray in a “female mosque,” ie, their own allotted space at Beijing’s Nuijie Street Mosque, which was built in 996. Kinza Khan submitted these photos and you can read about her experiences attending Friday prayers and meeting Beijing’s Muslims, expatriate and Chinese alike, here.

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Mawlid is observance of the birth of the Prophet Muhammed. This year it falls on February 4th!

Mawlid is observance of the birth of the Prophet Muhammed. This year it falls on February 4th!

With passion pray.
With passion work.
With passion make love.
With passion eat and drink and dance and play.
Why look like a dead fish
in this ocean

( Rumi )

Wake up in the morning breeze
to the call for prayer and hear
the music fill the air.
and fill your cup with the wine of love.
Pass it around, pass it to me first,
so I can be drunk with ecstasy
but bind my feet so I don’t wander.
My life, my strength, my faith are in your hands.
Launch me in the sea of love
and let me sail.

Shams, you are the Lord of all Kings
your words are my eternal treasure.

( Rumi )

The interpretation of a sacred text is true
if it stirs you to hope, activity and awe;
and if it makes you slacken your service,
know the real truth to be this:
it’s a distortion of the sense of the saying,
not a true interpretation.
This saying has come down
to inspire you to serve -
that God may take the hands
of those who have lost hope

( Rumi )

When He Himself is the light of your eye, a hundred worlds like ours appear. If this one looks bottomless and vast, remember: to Omnipotence it is less than an atom.

( Rumi )
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Saad al-Ghamdi recites Surah Al-Fatiha


What can my enemies do to me? My Paradise is in my heart, it goes with me wherever I go. To put me in prison is to let me have a private devotion with Allah, to execute me is martyrdom, and to kick me out of my land is a journey in the path of Allah.

( Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah )